About Departures Travel

As Your Travel Concierge, We Sell The World

As the oldest independent travel agency in Victoria, BC, there isn’t a country that we haven’t helped people explore. And from the moment you step into one of our beautiful boutique offices located in Oak Bay or Sidney or work with one of our team in Alberta, you become our guest. From the first planning stages to the moment you arrive home from your trip, we manage every detail for a seamless travel experience you’ll never forget.

As an independent agency, we’re motivated by what’s best for our clients. Travel requires expertise, and every member of our team is well-trained to create immersive, authentic cultural experiences that check off every box on your travel wish list.

Think of us as your trusted friend, taking care of you no matter where you are in the world. We use the latest in travel tech to keep in touch throughout your trip so that you can enjoy your dream vacation worry free.

Travel connects people from around the world in a way only travel can do.

If done sustainably, we believe that travel can truly make the world a better place. This is one of the pillars of our business, and we help people explore the farthest reaches of the globe safely--as travellers, not tourists.

As members of the Ensemble Travel Group, we’re part of a consortium of travel agencies across Canada and the USA, which gives us insider access to a global network of suppliers on the ground who can take care of your every need throughout your trip. This allows us to offer you better rates, incredible amenities, and exclusive savings along with access to opportunities you’d never find anywhere else.

Let’s create your five year travel plan

We’re in the business of helping you experience the culture, food, landscapes, and people of worldwide destinations that create unforgettable experiences for solo travelers, family groups and bucket list trips with friends. And as your professional travel advisor, we go beyond just one-off adventures. We take care of your entire travel portfolio.

We can help you create five or ten year travel plans that help you make those lifelong dreams a reality. Many people have no idea what their dream vacations cost. We help you plan ahead so you can be smart with the budget you have. We start by getting to know you, right down to the names of your pets, then add your favourite trips and activities to our internal tracking system. That way, when a special opportunity comes up, we’re the first to know about it!

By planning ahead, you can make your dreams happen. This extra layer of service is part of what makes your experience with us so memorable.

You’re busy living life. Let us worry about your travel details.