Madeline Benson

Madeline Benson

Executive Assistant

I spent most of my life working in finance and would always be counting down the days until my next vacation so I could travel somewhere new and explore. I finally realized that by pursuing a career in the travel industry, I could apply that passion and excitement to everyone around me and incorporate it into my working life as well.

The thing I love most is doing a deep dive of research into a new place and uncovering all of the amazing off-the-beaten path little hidden gems and activities that you wouldn't necessarily find in a guide book. I believe that the best trips are the ones where every detail has been planned in advance--all you have to do is show up and have fun! Our team can help you with that!

What’s on my bucket list? Antarctica. The remoteness, the wilderness, the exclusivity--it’s all very appealing, especially when enhanced by the little luxuries provided by the expedition ships that take you there. I also love nature and adventure so I’m always happy to go spelunking in a cave or zip lining through the jungle, or exploring the rich history of old civilizations around the world.

At Departures Travel, we take care of every last detail so you can have peace of mind as you travel--in today’s travel climate, this is priceless! Why leave anything to chance when you can have someone with you every step of the way to make sure your holiday is nothing but memorable in all the best ways?

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