Laura Friis

Laura Friis

Adventure Travel Specialist

Laura has over 30 years experience in the travel industry, focusing mostly on small group adventure travel. Laura grew up in a tiny coastal town in BC, and her wilderness childhood, plus many years working as a wildlife biologist, gave her a keen interest in travelling to parts of the world where wilderness and wildlife are still abundant. Her first “adventure” trip was a safari through Kenya and Tanzania, and she hasn't stopped exploring since.

In 2005, Laura discovered the wonderful world of small ship (fewer than 200 passengers) expedition travel, and has sailed to both polar regions and to points in between, on ships operated by companies such as Adventure Canada, Quark Expeditions, and G Adventures.

Laura continues to explore the far reaches of our planet, and has visited all seven continents multiple times. She most enjoys travelling in Africa, South America, and the polar regions. She loves the world’s wild places and introducing others to them as well.

If you imagine a satellite view of the earth by night - you may find her travelling where the lights are fewest!

If you'd like to make an appointment to meet with Laura to discuss travelling somewhere a little different, you can contact her at

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