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Flordeliza Laudi

Travel Specialist

My passion for travel changed the trajectory of my entire career. Sixteen years ago, I left my management position at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to become a travel specialist. I never thought I'd leave one of the best international hotel and resort companies, but it was our guests' travel stories that inspired the wonder within to wander.

Costa Rica was my first destination after I left the hospitality industry, and it changed my life. Exposed to nature and stillness, I learned to revel in the moment. And although I travelled solo, I was surrounded by amazing people and their stories. I learned that the more you open yourself up to the world, the bigger your heart gets. And just like that, I knew travel would always be a part of my life journey.

Since that trip I've returned nearly a dozen times, most recently with my husband and two young sons. As a family, we’ve travelled extensively through Cuba, Costa Rica, and Europe several times, even with our dog! Whether by plane, train, automobile or ferry, I believe travelling and sharing the world with kids is totally possible, rewarding, and one of the greatest parts about being a parent. I love helping my clients make family travel a reality.

I like to call myself a travel coach, and Iove getting to know my clients and what they want to experience. That’s when the magic happens! My favourite clients are the ones that end up booking trips they may not have thought they'd ever take. Often, I’ll take them off the beaten path in immersive and small group encounters.

I decided to join the Departures team because I believe Cathy and the team share this same vision and passion for creating unique experiences that bring people together and support local communities. I'm excited to embrace the opportunity to escort some adventure and family group trips in the future, as well.

Departures is proud to be your travel concierge. In a way, I’m still in the hospitality industry—except that now, I have the honour of hosting the world by enabling those who wish to explore it!

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