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David Biltek

Travel Specialist

I HAVE RETIRED! I fell in love with travel many years ago while backpacking through Europe as a young man. I first got involved with the travel industry in the 1990s after buying an agency as a business endeavor. I soon found myself spending more and more time immersed in the world of helping people plan memorable and meaningful travel experiences. When it comes to my clients, I always ask questions, listen, probe some more, and again. This is how I discover how I can help them create memories they’ll still be talking about years down the road.

My wife and I have been to England and traveled through Canada dozens of times, as well as many trips to Italy. My most memorable experience was a two-week safari through land conservancies in Kenya and Tanzania, where we slept in luxury tents with wildlife right outside our door. But my biggest surprise was India; I used to say India was number 13 on my top 10 list of places I wanted to travel, but after spending a month there, I’d be happy to go again and again. My favourite idea of a perfect holiday is anywhere with a little adventure, a little culture and a little romance.

My top travel tips? I recommend you take twice the money and half the clothes! Most people don’t need as much clothing as they think. And always tell the truth at Canadian customs!

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