Carolina Gonzalez
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Carolina Gonzalez

Travel Specialist

My journey into the travel Industry started at a very young age. I was born and raised in the Caribbean—an area rich in colours, music, tastes, and sounds. As a child, I would look at the world map and dream about experiencing the language, cultures, and history in those faraway destinations.

My interest in languages, geography and world history led me to a career in International Education; and after coming to Canada as a young mother, I continued to explore, instilling a love of travel in my children. It was the experiences while travelling and the people I have met from all over the world that led me to transition from my career in education into a transcendent and rewarding profession in the travel industry.

My favourite destinations tend to be near the ocean. Think powder sugar sands and turquoise clear waters. But I also love cities with rich history and architectural gems that are, in themselves, outdoor museums. I specialise in a wide range of travel products that include premium and luxury cruise lines, small group tours, and customised family travel.

I believe the best travel stories happen unexpectedly: finding a picturesque spot while searching for a way back to a main street in Athens, accepting a chef’s invitation to lunch at his home patio in Saint Tropez (true story), or missing a highway exit and discovering a hidden village nobody knows about in central Mexico.

At Departures Travel, there is no bigger reward than to live vicariously through our clients’ travel experiences. I love sharing my passion for the world as I design carefully curated trips that fit each individual’s style and preferences. The first step is for me to understand what your dream looks like, and then I help turn those dreams into your reality.

Whether you’re a new or experienced traveller, I will be with you every step of your journey, helping you prepare for every possible scenario so you can maximize your experience. We are all meant to be explorers. I can’t wait to help you see the world!

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