Explore Mexico’s Magical Towns and be bewitched!

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Mexico is a huge country with hundreds of attractions. It appeals to all types of travelers from historic buffs, nature lovers, adventurers, to backpackers. You can enjoy fiestas, tamales and burritos, beaches, historic places, and shopping!

The charisma of Mexico can be seen and appreciated in its charming pueblos or small towns. These small towns are not only a joy to visit but it is the essence of the country. They epitomize what Mexico is all about, a country with a rich culture, colorful history, and century old traditions. Here are five towns you must not miss when traveling to Mexico.

  • Palizada, Campeche.  A dazzling array of yellows, greens and blues will welcome you in this charming town named after a red dye wood found in its surrounding areas. The  town can be reached by boat. Its small streets are filled with Victorian- style houses and quaint shops.   
  • Tapalpa, Jalisco. Begin your morning in Tapalpa sipping hot chocolate and savoring one of the best tamales in Mexico. Surrounded by forests, the town is located at 2000 meters above sea level, and best explored by foot.  It is known for the “Piedras Bolas”, a rock formation.
  • Valle de Bravo, Mexico State. Located on the shore of Lake Avandaro, Valle de Bravo is a nature lover’s paradise. Although one of the most popular tourist spots in Mexico, it has retained its old world charm. Do not miss the Piedra Herrada, a federal reserve where thousands of monarch butterflies hibernate.
  • San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco. Once a thriving mining community, this town will enchant you with its culinary traditions. Made from local produce and the freshest ingredients, huitlacoche, chocorraiz with raicilla, and cajeta are a must try. 
  • Real del Monte, Hidalgo.  If you love fiestas, this town is a must visit. Do not miss the International Paste Festival or the Fiesta del Dulce, especially if you are a foodie! The town will overwhelm your senses with its array of attractions and food!

These towns are not only magical; they will leave their imprints in your heart. Ready to visit these towns? Consult your travel agent for more details. 

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