Discover the World of Italian Wines at an Italian Wine & Cheese Tasting

Rome, Italy · About Dining

Want to learn more about Italian wine? Then check out an Italian Wine & Cheese Tasting in Rome, Italy. On this tour visitors will sample a variety of white and red wines, regional artisan cheese & delicious cured meats at the popular L’Angolo Divino wine bar.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have a taste of Italian wine and cheese on an Italian Wine & Cheese Tasting adventure in Rome, Italy and get to experience what others have been enjoying for a very long time. Get to sample an excellent variety of white and red wines and savor its most magnificent taste. Have a bite of a regional artisan cheese and never will you doubt Italy’s cheese, ever again.

Italian Wine & Cheese Tasting is only an hour long activity, giving you lots of extra time to explore the magnificence of Rome, Italy. On this quick experience, you will also get to learn interesting facts about Italian wine and of course cheese from your knowledgeable guide. You will also sample cured meat like the Roman beef jerky, also known as coppiette and roasted pork stuffed with herbs, the porchetta. Discover Rome’s tasteful wines and delicious gourmet and you will surely be wanting for more.

Contact us and we’ll book you a most memorable experience in Rome with an Italian Wine & Cheese Tasting!

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