The Treasure Beach Women

About Wellness

The Treasure Beach Women's Group is a non-profit organization formed in September 2000 with the assistance of the Bureau of Women's Affairs. Its mission is to promote the advancement of women and the Treasure Beach community as a whole, through education, income producing projects, and awareness of women's health and women's issues.

The organization has accomplished quite a lot since its inception:
•    Held several wellness clinics, providing physical exams to hundreds of persons, free testing for HIV/AIDS virus
•    Developed an adult literacy program  
•    Held monthly meetings with speakers and presentations on such subjects as breast self exam, menopause, HIV/AIDS, neighborhood watch, incest, domestic abuse, the environment, small business management, etc.
•    Held clothing sales for the community with goods donated by tourist and locals. Proceeds from the sale supports the group's community work
•    Co-sponsored the 2001-06 Community Christmas parties, each attended by more than 175 of the area's children
•    Provided monetary assistance to many needy individuals
•    Given Goodwill bags to needy and the shut-in every year. The bags contain staple foods, soap and other toiletries.
•    Held a WALK-A-THON every year to raise funds to support charity work such as the Jamaica Aids Support For Life, Treasure Beach Ambulance Fund, etc.
•    Completed a new building which is used for community meetings, as a craft workshop, and as an office for our start-up business ventures

Its future objectives include:
•    Continue the adult literacy program, with a push to reach more people within the community
•    Broaden membership to include more younger women/youth
•    Develop a youth component to the group, to stress responsible sex, parenting skills, HIV awareness, goal setting, etc.
•    Hold training workshops for the empowerment of women
•    Continue to promote the craft business

Feel free to participate in this worthy cause by donating any of the following:
•    Used clothes, shoes, books, household items
•    Children's items, clothes, games, educational toys
•    Fabric and  notions
•    Exercise equipment and DVD exercise tapes
•    DVD movies
•    Craft ideas, and supplies