Welcome To Departures Travel!

Welcome to our new home. Effective February 1 2016 the team at V the Vacation Store joined the team at Departures Travel. We still have the same great service and affiliation with the Ensemble Travel Group and we are still delighted to help you with all your travel needs! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lindsay Hodgson
Travel Advisor and Destination Vows Specialist
DEPARTURES TRAVEL (formerly with V ... the Vacation Store)
Experts in the art of travel
Grande Prairie AB
Direct: 780.505.2941
Office: 780.538.2665
Toll Free: 800.232.6641
lindsay@departurestravel.com (please note my new email address)

Please note my hours are Mon- Fri 9 AM-5 PM

Lindsay says, "Always try to get off the beaten path! Those will be the memories that stay with you forever. Sometimes the must see attractions can leave you disappointed because of high expectations, it is when you experience something completely unexpected that makes a vacation memorable." Her favorite vacation is anywhere that has a perfect sandy beach, warm water and lots of sun is my ideal vacation... "it might be the fact that we are a month into winter... but my idea of the perfect vacation changes all the time!"

Jacenta Hawco
Travel Advisor and Karisma Gourmet Inclusive Specialist
Experts in the art of travel
Grande Prairie AB
Direct: 780.882.1703
Office: 780.538.2665
Toll Free: 800.232.6641
jacenta@departurestravel.com (please note my new email address)

Office Hours Monday-Thursday 10 AM until 3 PM

Jacenta says: "I like to tell customers to go somewhere they WANT to go and go for the experience." She finds New York the most romantic because there is everything there and lots for couples to do like eating at fantastic restaurants and taking in a show, there is especially lots to do at Christmas. Her perfect vacation? Anywhere that has 3 books and a plane to get there!

David Biltek
Advisor in the Art of Travel
1889 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria, BC V8R 1C6
Ph: 250.595.1161
Toll Free: 1.800.232. 6641 or 1.800.475.1161
David direct: 780 831 1910

David says: "I recommend travellers take twice the money and half the clothes! Most people don’t need as much clothing as they think. I also advise people to tell the truth at Canadian customs". The most memorable trip, A two-week safari in Tanzania. We slept in luxury, portable tents with king size beds and were extremely close to local wildlife. David's idea of a perfect holiday? Anywhere with a little adventure, a little culture, and a little romance.